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French yourself with Monsieur French: a native, certified and experienced French teacher from France. Courses and classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced. Grammar, phonetics/pronunciation/fluency, conversation, test preparations.

DELF, DALF, Canadian SLE... Monsieur French can help you reach whatever goal you need to achieve!

Why Choose Monsieur-french.com?

Any level

Whether you’ve been learning French for a while or are planning on starting your first lesson, there’s always more to learn and ways to do it efficiently.


“JP was the best French language instructor I have ever had. He was extraordinarily dedicated to ensuring my language skills progressed.  In particular, his capability to transcribe my responses in real-time and provide immediate, specific feedback on grammatical errors and mispronunciation, as well as alternatives for expressing the same idea in a more linguistically-correct way, was exceptional.  This approach was perfectly aligned with my learning style: it clearly highlighted my errors in a written manner, provided a reference resource, and enabled me to learn and self-correct far more quickly than verbal feedback alone.  I feel more confident and prepared to pass my exams as a result of J-P’s instruction.  Merci bien JP!”
- Jane, Canada

Private classes

Because everyone has a unique level, personal goals and needs, we’re offering different types of classes that work for different types of students.

For each class, you will get:

free resources

personalized content

personalized feedback

Private classes are individual classes
it’s only you and the teacher.
Not all classes are adapted to all levels.
Make sure you select the right class for you!
Learn more about are classes below.
Group Classes are coming later this year!
Learn French


Get started!

  • Cover the basic grammar rules
  • Develop your vocabulary
  • Understand French phonetics
Speech practice


Sound like a real French!

  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Smooth your fluency


Boost your confidence!

  • Go beyond the textbook French
  • Practice the “real” French
Test preparation


Get ready for the big day!

Thanks to our certifications, we can help you prepare for the following tests